LED strip lights for your kitchen cabinets

LED strip lights for your kitchen cabinets

At Arrow Electricals, we offer a huge range of LED strip lights for both indoor and outdoor use, and we want to help you find the product that best fits your needs!

How you can make the most of LED strip lighting

Using LED strip lighting in your kitchen offers a host of benefits. By installing lighting under your kitchen cabinets, you can ensure that your work areas are sufficiently lit when you are completing tasks like food prep. LED lights are a perfect choice for this job since the lights don’t produce vast amounts of heat and they eradicate any pesky shadows.

If you are searching for kitchen lighting that will help you to create a wonderful, warm atmosphere when you are entertaining guests, then we suggest opting for LED strips. The colour variants and cheerful glow means that LED lights are perfect for creating a chilled, laid-back feel that is excellent for relaxation.

Thanks to the adaptable nature of LED strips, you will be able to cut them so that every nook and cranny you want lit can be accessed with ease. The variations in lumen rating allows you to opt for a light that is either soft or very bright, depending on your requirements.

Why opt for LED strip lights?

We promote the use of LED strip lighting due to its extremely energy efficient nature, and because it is a product with one of the longest life spans. We also recommend LED strip lights because they are one of the safest lighting options and are extremely durable in comparison with the common incandescent lights. Their recycle ability means that you can purchase them with the assurance that you’re being as eco-friendly as possible!

The range of different LED strip lights that you can use

At Arrow Electricals we offer a huge range of LED products. This includes LED downlights, Drivers and Transformers, LED strip lights and LED connectors. We offer products from a variety of brands, such as Aurora, INTALITE, and Arrow Electrical’s own brand, Astro Lighting. Our LED strip lighting come with a total wattage that varies between 5 and 72 watts, and the length of these products starts as small as 280mm, with our longest LED strip reaching 5 metres.

The variety of colours on offer

LED strips are available in a range of colours which means you can create your desired setting. At Arrow Electricals we offer LED strips in blue, red, green, RBG multi-colour and cool or warm white.

19th Mar 2020 Arrow Electrical

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