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Switches & Sockets – FAQs

What are one, two and three gang switches? This just refers to the number of switches that are present on the plate. Normally in a domestic setting, you’ll see one or two gang switches, but if you’re installing new electrical switches, you could choose to have three or four gang switches installed. What are rocker switches? A rocker switch is one of the most common types of switch. It works by breaking and reconnecting the electrical circuit as it “rocks”. Flipping the switch in one direction causes it to break... Read More


What Are The Different Types of Light Switches?

One of the best things about modern interior design is that you don’t have to opt for modern-looking fixtures and fittings! The perfect illustration of this is the diverse range of light switches available to finish off your room, often using contemporary technology in traditional shapes. Browse the incredible range of Heritage Brass switches, and you will see that there are all sorts of ways to activate and turn off room lights! As you have a choice of different types of light switch, how they function can be as significant... Read More


What to Consider When Upgrading Your Sockets and Switches

If you are looking to add a new lease of life to a room in your home, upgrading your switches and sockets could be the way forward. Unlike other design changes such as new flooring or paint, replacing your sockets and switches is quick and easy, and can really transform a room. However, there are certain factors to consider when choosing your new sockets and switches. For more information, continue reading. The feel of the room When choosing new sockets and switches, you want to choose a style and colour... Read More


How to Fit a Light in a Conservatory

Fitting conservatory lighting can seem like a daunting task if you aren’t sure how to do it. This is an issue only amplified by the knowledge that the type of lighting available to you depends on the type of conservatory you have, the shape of your conservatory roof, and how much lighting you actually want. So here at Arrow Electrical, we’ve put together this handy blog post detailing all the ways you can fit lighting inside your conservatory, for those times when the natural light just won’t cut it. Lamps... Read More


Lighting Tips For Conservatories

Conservatories have come a long way and are no longer spaces that only get used for a small portion of the year. It can be daunting to know where to start when choosing your conservatory lighting, so we’ve taken a look at the things you need to consider and some of the best options out there that will give you the perfect conservatory lighting, whether you want bright and bold or subtle and cosy. Things to consider before choosing your conservatory lighting: Take a little time to get to know... Read More

Modern bathroom interior with downlights 20/07/2020
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When are fire rated downlights required?

When considering the lighting options in your home, downlights are a popular choice. Providing a stylish and sleek look, with an atmospheric effect, downlights make a great lighting solution for the bathroom, kitchen, and other rooms in the house. However, as with many appliances, there are some downlights which are simply unsafe; non-fire-rated lights are a risk to you and your home. Follow this handy guide to find out how, when, and why fire-rated downlights are required. What are fire-rated downlights? A fire-rated downlight will slow the spread of fire... Read More

Luxury white bathroom in modern large house 20/07/2020
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Bathroom lighting options explored

Good lighting is important in any room in your home, but how you light your bathroom is absolutely crucial. You need to be able to see effectively, whether you’re brushing your teeth, applying make-up or putting in contact lenses. But effective bathroom lighting goes further than simple functionality – your bathroom is likely to be a place where you pamper yourself, after all, so you want to be able to create a luxurious feel should the mood take you. Here’s how to get the best from your bathroom when it... Read More

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Transforming Your Interior Design With Chic Elstead Lighting

Arrow Electrical offers high-end lighting brands from around the world. One of our flagship brands is Elstead, who bring their own unique style to every design, from traditional fixtures to striking contemporary pieces. Founded in 1967 in the English village from which the brand takes its name, Elstead went on to become one of the UK’s leading lighting manufacturers. To this day, they continue to produce the highest quality handcrafted fixtures from their new, larger premises in Alton. In this article, we introduce some of our favourite pieces from Elstead’s... Read More


How does light affect your sleep routine?

H Light has a significant effect on your sleep pattern. Light pouring through your window early in the morning sends a natural signal to the brain that it’s time to wake up, be alert, and start the day. Conversely, exposure to bright light at night can stimulate the same sensations, presenting a barrier to a good night’s sleep. Therefore, light plays an integral role in easing your body in and out of refreshing rest. The importance of darkness Just as light is essential to wakefulness, darkness is important to sleep.... Read More


5 Luxurious Lighting Fixture Finishes To Utilise In Your Home

Whether your interior design concept is modern or traditional, lighting will play a key role. Often, lighting fixtures will be the focal point of a room; the eye is naturally drawn up towards light, so choosing the right fixture is essential. There’s a whole host of finishes and options, whether you’re looking for a glamourous centrepiece or a subtle, contemporary accent. Here, explore these 5 luxurious lighting fixture finishes and make the ubiquitous Ikea paper lamp shade a thing of the past. 1. Copper lighting Brushed copper lighting is a... Read More