Spigot Adaptor Accessory 60mm


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Spigot adaptors are a must when extending lighting across a wider area. Our landmark spigot adaptor accessory (60mm) is highly adaptable to various lighting standards. Affordable and easy to set up, this adaptive accessory will enable you to light on high and wide.

With full instructions on how to install and use, you’ll illuminate wider spaces in moments. This lighting accessory is easily fixable to outside walls, this lighting accessory is snug, secure, and durable. No prior knowledge of lighting setup and installation is necessary to make the most of this popular kit.

Imagine splashing light across your garden for quiet evening gatherings during the summer. Easily adjust your light with your movable spigot, creating new atmospheres night after night. If you already have lighting and need to install it higher, this affordable unit will save you time, money and hassle.

Arrow Electrical provides a wide range of lighting solutions you can easily adjust with our spigot adaptor. Lighting - indoors and outdoors - never has to be inflexible. Even the lowest-energy LED bulbs can help to spray light far and wide across the darkest areas. Why not set up a spigot adaptor and look at things from a new angle?


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