The History of Astro Lighting

The History of Astro Lighting

By Arrow Electrical

Astro Lighting is highly regarded around the world for its modern, contemporary lighting solutions which bring together the latest technology with ground-breaking designs, for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

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A history of Astro Lighting

Astro Lighting was founded in 1997 by James Bassant and John Fearon, a duo with a shared passion for quality and precision in British lighting design. The company has built a great reputation for unique, creative designs which demand the brand's signature simplicity.

The company began in the basement of a house in Sevenoaks, where John and James began their journey into lighting design. Astro Lighting quickly became highly-regarded in the design world due to the iconic Arc Spotlight, which perfectly captures the designers’ fresh thinking and simplistic style. The Arc light was a first for the world of lighting design, providing the perfect fusion between the latest technology and modern architectural design. This ground-breaking design paved the way for the company, which quickly became known across the UK as the leading designer for bathroom lighting.

By 2001, the rapidly growing design team was ready to enter the international market. Astro Lighting began to explore possible export routes and the company began to grow in areas around the world. Ten years later, Astro Lighting set up headquarters in New Jersey within the USA, under the brand name Astro USA. The company has now established trading links with some of the largest lighting providers across the country.

The latest expansion plans for the company involve opening a new subsidiary in Singapore, to cover the Asia-Pacific region. This has brought the company to a total of 34 distributors around the world, proving that UK design is highly-regarded across the globe

Today, the wealth of experience brings the brand's design ethos to life. The strong design team paired with the customer support team are always looking to provide customers with the best experience possible. The whole Astro team here in the UK benefit from shared facilities, which guarantees the design values and customer ethos lie at the heart of the work environment.

Popular products from
Astro Lighting

Here at Arrow Electrical we supply a variety of the most popular Astro Lighting designs.. Although the brand is an international player in the world of bathroom lighting, the collections include everything from stunning ceiling lights to desk and floor lamps. The range of Astro Lighting products is vast, with designs constantly updated to reflect new technology and changing regulations.

As a key designer in the field of bathroom lighting, the company is no stranger to the world of bathroom lighting regulations. The company has changed the face of bathroom lighting style by using new regulations as a chance to create new ranges which push the boundaries of design. Many people believe Astro Lighting was instrumental in creating splash-proof bathroom lighting, ranges which are now popular around the world from a multitude of brands.

Our range includes the most popular Astro Lighting designs such as a variety of ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lamps and outdoor lighting options. A variety of designs have proven very popular with our customers such as the Blanco Round Adjustable Ceiling Light in White Plaster and the Lima Wall Lamp in Bronze. We are committed to supplying our customers with the latest products from the best designers, so our range is always updating and adapting to the latest collections.

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The lighting collections

Ascoli collection

The latest range of lighting solutions includes a variety of popular collections, which are designed to enhance a range of stunning environments. If you are looking to achieve a minimalist interior style, the Ascoli collection with its clean lines and simple design is ideal.

The latest range of lighting solutions includes a variety of popular collections, which are designed to enhance a range of stunning environments. If you are looking to achieve a minimalist interior style, the Ascoli collection with its clean lines and simple design is ideal.


Atelier collection

For an industrial feel, the Atelier collection will provide the ideal solution, with its robust yet functional designs. The variety of lamps take their style from the unique lighting solutions found in traditional workshops, which pair with the contemporary Astro style with stunning visual displays.


Eclipse collection

The Eclipse collection could be considered one of the designers' most iconic lighting designs. The wall lights appear to almost float on the surface of the walls, with a soft glow that beautifully blends into the interior surroundings. The range includes simple round or square disks which bring a touch of modern elegance to any interior.


Concrete collection

One of the latest designs from the brand is the Concrete collection, which uses raw materials to create unique lighting solutions.
The collection celebrates the unique characteristics of architectural form to create a stunning range of wall lights in both soft, curved forms and angular lines.


The Astro Lighting company revolves around the philosophy of always putting the customer first, an ethos which we fully support. If you would like to find out more about our range of lighting solutions from Astro, please contact our experienced team today.

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12th Feb 2021 Arrow Electrical

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