How to Boost Your Property Value with New LED Downlights

How to Boost Your Property Value with New LED Downlights

Did you know that you can boost the value of your property by 3% if you have the right kind of lighting? A lot of people don’t know this, but the lighting that they have in their homes can have a significant bearing on the value of their property.

Property value is one of those things that you should be thinking about regularly. After all, everything that you do to your property improves its value. So, when you repair something, you improve the value. If you take the time to install new lighting, you’re improving the value.

Unfortunately, not everyone makes smart decisions regarding their home and property value because they don’t think about it. When you’re trying to sell your home, lighting is probably one of the last considerations you have, which is a shame. Lighting is, in all truth, an essential part of getting a good price for your property.

LED downlights are a good way of improving property value, but it just requires you to consider what choices are available. There are plenty of great options which help a lot, but at the end of the day, it is all about taking the time to experiment. Thankfully, Arrow Electrical is more than happy to ensure you can do this.

What we thought we would do is take a look at how you can improve property value with LED downlights. We’ve got quite a bit of experience with this sort of thing, so we figured we’d help out. Let’s get started.

Use Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is a powerful resource that can do a lot for your home. However, one of the biggest problems people often make is that they don’t use natural lighting correctly. It’s all about how you do it, and that makes all the difference.

Essentially, what you are going to want to do is try and bring as much natural light into the room as possible. This means you need to remove anything that will obscure natural light, like big blinds or furniture. Try and pay attention to how the light moves through the room at different times of the day. Regardless of the time of day, you don’t want the light to be blocked by something.

Natural light can play an essential role in the value of a property. If there’s not a lot of natural light coming into the property, then that decreases the attractiveness of the space. If there’s something like a wall or a large piece of furniture in the way, moving it around helps you to present the best area.

Choose the Right LED Lights

So, naturally, you have to think about downlighting when it comes to LED bulbs. We know that you’ve been waiting to hear what we have to say about this because it was the main topic of conversation. So, let’s get into it.

Everybody knows about the benefits of LED bulbs. They’re bright, have a long lifespan, and are very energy-efficient. They are pretty much the only bulb you can really buy nowadays, as old-fashioned halogen bulbs have been basically phased out.

The right kind of LED light will make all the difference. There are a handful of considerations that make the right choice for a proper LED ball. First of all, there is the warmth of the bulb. Certain shades of white are warmer than others.

Depending on the situation, you might appreciate a warmer light for somewhere like a kitchen or a cooler light for the bathroom. It’s up to you, but there are different shades, and it’s worth considering. Naturally, the brightness of the bulb is also important to think about because this makes a big difference when it comes to overall energy usage. Thankfully, there’s a spectrum of light, so you could have mood lighting if you wanted it.

When you pick a bulb, it’s also a good idea to choose the right kind of downlight for the bulb. Not every light is going to work with every bulb; because you need the right tool for the job.

Take this Adjustable 10W Dimmable Baffle LED Downlight, for example. This is a great, sleek, and highly flexible light. It’s dimmable, but it also only has up to 10w of power. Therefore, you need to have the right kind of bulb to go with that.

It really is just a case of taking the time to match up the bulb to the fixture. Obviously, here at Arrow Electrical, we would be more than happy to help you figure that out. It’s not a particularly difficult task to manage; it just requires you to know a little bit about lights and fixtures.

Use Layers of Light

When you set out to work with lighting, you have to make sure that you use layers for your lights. It’s essential to think about how you’re going to mix and match lighting to get the best results. Obviously, this is not the easiest to do at the beginning, which is why we have put together a few tips for you.

As a general rule of thumb, you’re not going to want to use just one group of lights. If you have just one light to illuminate an entire space, then you’re not layering correctly. Instead, you want multiple lights positioned in strategic locations to give a layered effect.

Try and think about things like the height of your lights and the way that they are positioned. So, you might have a ceiling light, and then wall lighting, and then a desk light. That prevents shadowy corners from building up and also gives you different types of light to work with.

You can also use layered lighting as a way to highlight different features of your home. So, if you had a particular architectural element that you were pretty proud of, you could use accent lighting to really highlight that. Alternatively, you can create depth and space in the property by using lighting in the right way.

The thing to remember about lighting is that it always affects perception. So, even if you don’t intend for your lighting to influence the way people look at the room, it will do so. Therefore, you have to be aware of how lighting impacts the way we view a space, which could be tricky. However, if you can get it right, then you can start to use that to your advantage and create an effective layering solution.

Take this Modern Single 1 x 10W LED Dimmable Adjustable LED Downlight as an example. It’s a really good light, but it’s not something you use alone. Instead, you want to try and pair it with other things because that gives you the best opportunity. Most modern lighting works best as part of a more comprehensive solution.

Think About the Property Viewing

Obviously, the whole purpose of what we’re doing here is to look at the property viewing. If we’re going to improve property value, then you have to have a good property viewing. After all, this is part of what decides the property’s value, just on how attractive it is.

We fully appreciate that this is not the easiest thing to do. At the end of the day, a property viewing can be a stressful experience, and lighting may not be your first concern. However, it’s essential to get it right, and that involves taking the time to experiment a bit.

There are functionally two types of viewings that you need to think about. First, there is the normal, traditional viewing where someone comes and looks around the house. However, there are also virtual viewings now, which have a slightly different set of rules, so it’s essential to know how this works.

Obviously, we have the traditional viewings. These are pretty standard. Someone comes and has a look around the property to submit an offer. It’s best to try and pick a reasonable time of day when natural light is at a high level, but also just late enough in the day that you can showcase LED lighting. Remember that you should try and use accent lighting on those architectural features; they do make a difference.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have virtual viewings. These are a little bit different in the sense that they are done via a webcam or FaceTime. However, the rules get a bit different because of how these types of devices process light. You can’t just use the same kind of LED bulbs and expect to get away with it.

It’s recommended that you turn down the bulb’s brightness slightly for virtual viewings, so the lighting is not too harsh. Therefore, it’s essential to have a good balance of adjustable and non-adjustable lighting. This Commercial COB LED Downlight is a great option when paired with the right companions.

When it comes to LED downlights, they do have a substantial role to play. However, it’s essential to know that the different types of viewings can complicate the process. As long as you take the time to match one set of lights to the correct scenario, you’ll be fine.

Final Thoughts

So, when we think about things like property value, downlights are not usually what people consider to help improve it. With that being said, there are plenty of situations where a downlight can actually help out.

Lighting has a significant bearing on the property. That’s why the first thing that people do to try and improve the value of their properties is to focus on natural lighting. However, that’s not always enough to get the job done, which is where LED lights come in.

It’s not exactly a secret that LED lighting is as close to natural light as we can possibly get. With the right warmth of the bulb and the correct brightness, it’s very easy to replicate normal light, which is good for creating a bright, open space. The only problem is that most people don’t think about this, and then it backfires on them during the property value part of moving house.

If you’re going to boost your property value successfully, you have to commit to learning how LED lighting and downlights can work. There are a few considerations; for example, you do need to lay on your lighting. You can’t just have one single light in a room because that creates dark areas.

There’s definitely potential for area lighting and even accent lighting for those architectural features. At the end of the day, you have to make sure that your property stands out and its unique features are clear.

Something else that you should also keep in mind is whether or not you’re going to be having a traditional viewing or a virtual viewing. You can usually pick beforehand which one you have, but it does make a big difference regarding the lighting. If it’s virtual, just turn it down a little bit because otherwise, you might make it too harsh for the screen to pick up.

When you start to think about lighting consciously, it becomes pretty easy to make changes that will brighten up your home. Lighting does have an impact on property value; if your property is considered too dark, people won’t give you the high offers.

Here at Arrow Electrical, we have plenty of experience when it comes to helping you figure out how to brighten up your home. We would be more than happy to talk to you about what kind of light fixtures you need and give you some tips on how to layer them. We’ve got plenty of experience in this arena, so feel free to get in touch and ask questions.

4th Jul 2022

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