Cool Room Ideas with LED Strips!

Cool Room Ideas with LED Strips!

Have you ever taken a look at LED strips before? LEDs are the foremost modern choice in responsible, environmentally friendly lighting. What’s more, they will help you save money and energy over years of use! Of course, you don’t have to just install LEDs in your main lamps and lantern housings, either.

LED strips are fast becoming the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to add extra character to your space. Whether inside or outside, strip lighting can add colour, make areas more practical, and accentuate certain features. If you’ve never considered using LED strips in your own home before, here are a few great reasons why you should.

Why Choose LED Strips?

LED strips are more than just lighting strips. They arrive in a wide variety of colours, styles and shades. What’s more, you can set them up in a range of different wattages. You also don’t have to see your LED strips to benefit from them. Believe it or not, people are setting up LED strips in their vehicles, garages and sheds, too!

LED strip lighting is famous for being amazingly easy to set up and maintain. While these are not necessarily lighting choices, you’d use them to illuminate a vast space. They have a firm purpose. We all know that mood lighting and certain touches of illumination can transform an atmosphere. LED strip lights are fantastic in that they offer different touches and accents bit by bit.

You’re also highly flexible in where you can plug in and use your LED strip lights. Our complete strip lighting kit, for example, is a plug in and play model. It’s an effortless setup, meaning all you need to do is apply your strips to the wall, plug in and go. A bonus to this particular kit is, of course, that you can change colours and cycles whenever you like!

That’s another excellent reason why LED strip lighting works so well in practice. While strip lights arrive in solid white, many options allow you to change colours and cycle through hues. Therefore, you can effectively change your whole lighting array at the touch of a button.

Many people choose LED lighting strips for children’s bedrooms as they are so colourful and fun. However, more and more people are using them to accentuate their bedrooms, too! A trend we’ve noticed in recent times is that LED strips are also popping up in bathroom suites. Where there’s the opportunity for mood lighting and accentuation, strip lights will lead the way.

LED strip lights are also of fantastic value. Rather than paying out for a completely new light fitting, most options are DIY by design. That means there’s no need to pay for an electrician to help, and you can be up and running on the day.

One of the most effective uses and purposes of LED lighting is to create a backing glow. Among the most popular emerging examples of this is to line up LED strips behind your TV set. If you’ve ever been to the cinema, you’ll know that backlighting creates a fantastic atmosphere. It’s not just the big screen that leaves an impression – it’s the impactful lighting, too.

This is a crucial reason why many new TV sets have LED strips built in! Movie night feels that little bit more special with an illuminated atmosphere. You could measure and install LED lighting strips to run behind your flatscreen TV and glow out. This means that you effectively create a ‘3D’ effect, and your screen pops out!

This works brilliantly when you dim the main lighting and let your LEDs run wild. What’s more, you don’t have to install or mount your TV to the wall. Simply measure and attach your LED strips to lengths that reflect your TV’s dimensions and ‘shadow’ the unit. It’s worth applying your strips a little wider at each end, though you’ll still see the glow if you don’t.

Creating glowing backdrops isn’t exclusive to TV sets, either. You can use strip lighting to a fantastic effect to highlight photos, canvases, artwork and more. If there is a flat piece that you wish to draw attention to, simple strip lighting does the business.

For TVs and lounge accentuations, we highly recommend our warm white LED strips. When you create a backing glow, you need to stray away from intensive, piercing light. Creating a glow requires a certain warmth. Otherwise, you run the risk of hurting your eyes if you focus!

Again, LED strip lighting is amazingly affordable in this regard. Why would you consider paying a premium for a TV with built-in lights when you can create a glow yourself?

Add a Touch of Colour

One of the most fun ways to get creative with LED strip lights is to focus on colour. As mentioned, there are strip lighting kits available that let you cycle through different hues on demand. However, for a more fascinating, long-lasting effect, you may choose just to implement a single colour.

This is essentially where the interest comes in for kids’ bedroom lighting. Kids will generally have favourite colours and won’t be shy to talk about them! Whether purple, green, red or pink, LED lighting strips are easy to set up in their favourite shades. You could use them to line skirting boards, bed heads and even ceiling trims.

There is such a thing as overdoing matters with colour, which means you must consider balance. For example, a room that is predominantly green will not look great with reams of pink LEDs. It’s worth consulting a colour wheel, for example, to find shades that complement your existing look.

With kids, it may be a given that they want their spaces to look as bright and as colourful as possible. However, children and teenagers also have a habit of changing their tastes pretty quickly! That’s why LED lighting strips with multicolour options and hue cycles work so well.

You can set up LED lighting strips that switch into ‘party mode’, for example. As you’d expect, this option is great for entertaining if it’s a laid-back affair. Simply let your lights to gently cycle through the whole rainbow – or even pulse if it’s a high octane gathering! They probably won’t work too well in this case for a formal dinner party, but you can always change them back to white.

Ultimately, while you can’t change the colour of your walls very often, you can change your lighting. For those of us who are never too sure which shades we like best, LED strip lighting offers fantastic flexibility and choice.

Accentuate Every Nook

Let’s get back to accentuation. Did you know that you can implement LED lighting strips to highlight or accentuate different architecture spots, too? They are not just reserved for TV sets and kids’ bedrooms. For example, as mentioned earlier, many people now choose LED strips for bathroom lighting!

That’s because you can easily measure, cut and adhere strips so that they highlight bathtubs, sinks and more. In a room like a bathing suit, you will likely want to focus on uniform lighting solutions. Again, LED light strips come in handy. You can use warm or dimmable LED strips to gently bring out the corners and edges in your ceiling.

Or, you can use them to line the upper edges of your tub, along with the grout, or even behind your medicine cabinet. Overkill here can make things look a little cheesy (unless that’s your endgame). However, used sparingly and smartly, you can create a bathroom suite aesthetic that’s on par with hotel standards.

It’s great to use LED strips to accentuate cupboards and cabinets, too. When the lights dim down elsewhere in a room, and you don’t want to lose your atmosphere, highlight your storage. This is a great little tip to put into action if you’re already using LED strip lights behind the TV! Why switch the ‘big light’ on and ruin the whole mood?

LED strip lights, when used to a measured effect, can create a fantastic sense of space. In fact, we highly recommend them for smaller areas. Our excellent cool white strip lighting will bring any smaller, darker space into a bigger, brighter atmosphere. This is a perfect choice for a ‘man cave’ or a private nook.

With brighter bulbs, of course, you should consider letting the light travel across larger spaces, too. Just don’t be so willing to go overboard on lining up strips all across the room! If you do, again, you’re at risk of overdoing the look.

Let LED Strips Give You Easy Access

Like many modern lighting options, LED strip lights serve a dual purpose. They can quickly transform an atmosphere and add a lot of fun to a space. However, they are also practical. For example, you may wish to set up LED strips under your kitchen cabinets. This will provide you with a fantastic effect when the main lights are off and help illuminate your work.

Beyond that, you may also choose to set up LEDs for your stairs and steps. You may have a stairwell or a set of steps that are dark or simply go without light. For safety reasons, it might be a good idea to install LED strip lights along the flat surfaces of your stairs.

Some people choose to install spotlights or sunken LEDs for this purpose. However, the beauty of using LED lighting strips is the fact that they are not permanent. If you decide to change the look a little or remove it altogether, you are free to do so. What’s more, if you choose a colour cycle, you can always change the look from day to day.

LED strip lights are likely to be brighter and more effective at lighting the way than you might imagine. The technology behind them has evolved massively over the past few years. Therefore, you are not simply setting up tiny bulbs that will flicker and fail in a few weeks. These are robust, intensive lighting solutions that work wonders for safety and atmosphere creation alike.

The flexibility of LED strip lighting means you can effectively set them up wherever you choose. These ‘access’ ideas listed by us are only really examples. All interiors are different in their way! Whether you want to signpost a blind spot or simply highlight something unique, strip lights are dual purpose.

Don’t Be Shy

While many people choose to stick with the same lighting standards their homes come with, things are changing. There is a significant shift towards more flexible and expressive lighting. LED strip lights embody the idea that you can create atmospheres you desire without the need for hard work. What’s more, the smart home revolution is playing a role, too.

In some cases, you may be able to connect LED lights and strips to your home control devices. That’s a whole other level of accessibility and convenience that’s only just coming into view. Even if you don’t consider yourself ‘tech savvy’ enough to adopt a smart home approach, there’s mileage in strips otherwise.

Arrow Electrical is pleased to offer a brilliant range of LED lighting strip packages that are easy to install. Not only that, as with the rest of our catalogue, we focus on flexibility and versatility. We appreciate that no two people are looking for the same effects from their lighting solutions.

LED strip lights won’t need electrician help, and you can more or less set them up as you demand. Whether you’d like to emphasise your TV, highlight your stairs or otherwise, the choice is yours. LED strip lighting is quickly becoming a modern marvel, and now is the time to get involved.

19th Nov 2021

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