Primed White (Paintable) Range Double USB Socket (13 Amp) in Primed White - White Trim - QPW.555.W-USB


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QPW.555.W-USB is a double USB socket that has both traditional power outlets and USB ports for charging devices like smartphones, tablets, and cameras. Our premium modern USB double socket can be installed in place of traditional power outlets. It offers a convenient way to charge devices without the need for separate charging adapters and can help reduce clutter and simplify the charging process. Overload Protection. Dual Earth fitted as standard.

These solid brass Primed White switches and sockets have been coated with a layer of white primer paint. The primer is designed to provide a base layer that can be painted over with a finish coat of paint. Primed white switches are a popular choice for those who want a customizable solution for their electrical accessories. They can be painted over with a range of paint colours to match or contrast the surroundings walls, providing a more personalised look. Primed sockets can be a great solution for those users, architects and interior designers looking to achieve a more seamless and integrated look for their electrical sockets and switches.

Create a unique design for your wired accessories with Primed White Range. This gives you an opportunity to blend your premium sockets and switches with a decor theme. The range is supplied in Grid format, so you can easily cover it with your choice of finish before fixing it to the electrical component.

Primed White (Paintable) Range
Primed White Flat Square Plate QPW
Insert Type:
Double USB Socket (13 Amp)
Plate Finish:
Primed White
Switch Colour:
Body and Switch Trim:
86 mm
147 mm
Fixing Hole Centres:
Box Fixing = 120.6 mm
Minimum Box Depth:
13 Amp
230 V
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Warranty Information

The performance of Heritage Brass electrical accessories is guaranteed for at least 5 years, (dimmer switches 1 year, plate finishes 2 years) providing the following conditions are met:

  1. The accessory has been properly installed complete with it's protective gasket, by a qualified electrician in accordance with the wiring regulations current at the time of installation.
  2. The accessory has been subjected to normal use and has not been altered or dismantled in any way.

Should the accessory fail to meet this standard of performance a replacement will be supplied without charge. This guarantee is in addition to the normal statutory rights of the customer.

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