Universal Downlights-Small, IP65 Rated, and Built for Flexible Homes.

Universal Downlights-Small, IP65 Rated, and Built for Flexible Homes.

There’s a lot of different types of lights for a home. You can pick from flush mount fixtures, chandeliers, and pendant lights. However, if you want discreet lighting – which many people do – then you’ll want to look into recessed lighting.

Recessed lights work by using a bulb contained inside an inverted canister. They’re typically mounted flush with the ceiling. Because they don’t take up a lot of space, they can fit all kinds of aesthetics. Let’s explore their potential as a design choice here and now. What we’ll do is explore the IP65-rated products. These are highly effective and offer a lot of unique options.

The Arrow Brand – Offering IP65-Rated Products at a Premium

Let’s get started by looking at where you can get light fixtures that work for your needs. Naturally, you will want to invest in good quality products wherever you can. A brand like Arrow Electrical is a good shout because they offer IP65-rated products at premium prices.

Take the Mini 3w Adjustable LED Downlight as a good example. This is a discreet, mini light fixture that can be mounted flush with the ceiling. Ultimately, this means it will take up very little space and produce powerful light. It’s perfect when used as part of a larger group or to illuminate a smaller area.

However, let’s contrast this with another model. This type of light is suitable, but what happens if you want it better? Does better even exist? Yes, yes, it does, and it looks a little bit like this.

Introducing the Mini 3w Fixed Dimmable LED Downlight. This is a unique type of light fixture. It is quite niche but highly effective when it comes to lighting up a space. In fact, it’s actually even smaller than the first product we mentioned.

Don’t be confused. The smaller size does work quite well. Generally, the more discreet a light fixture is, the weaker it is. However, this is not the case here. Instead, we have something which is IP65-rated, despite being a very small product.

Truthfully, that’s actually the main draw of the product. People like it because it’s small and discreet. That makes it easy to style, and it fits with a broad selection of different places.

This specific IP65 model is one of the most popular offerings designed by Arrow Electrical. It’s been made to be as flexible as possible, which really does show.

The Power of a 3W LED Bulb and Energy Efficiency Thoughts

So, ultimately, when it comes to LED bulbs, they are the most effective way of lighting a space. Luckily, even bulbs as small as the ones that are on offer here can be LED-based. These bulbs are the 3W variety, but they’re still highly effective at getting the job done.

LED bulbs have a lot going for them – owing to their incredible variety and usage. They’re small in size, but at the same time, they’re powerful. The LED bulb has very little in the way of wasted heat energy too. This makes it a good choice for energy-efficient homeowners.

In all truth, this type of bulb has even replaced the filament offering in recent years. The LED bulb is the modern way to light a space, and it’s fairly sophisticated. As a lighting option, it blends energy efficiency with different shapes and sizes to get the best results.

Energy efficiency is a major draw for anybody looking for a new lighting source. The type of light that you employ has to be suitable for a modern, energy-efficient home. We measure efficiency on light quality, which for LEDs, on a scale of 1 to 100, is usually above 80.

IP65-Rated Lamp Properties

So, the next thing we want to make sure that everyone understands is the IP classification system. This is a system that is in place for making sure that people know what protection is provided for the fitting.

We use the IP rating system with the two letters, “IP”, followed by either two or three numbers. In this case, we’re only working with two.

So, let’s talk about the first digit of an IP rating. It represents the level of protection you’ll get against debris and tiny solid objects. This ranges, generally speaking, from zero to six.

Starting from zero meaning the fitting has no protection at all going up to 6 the highest protection against dust and water.  

So, now we move onto the second digit. This is all about the protection that the fixture has against moisture. So, number one would indicate a low level of protection against humidity, and number eight would indicate a high level. Specifically, number eight says that the fixture could be entirely submerged in water for a short period of time.

To give a better example, let’s take a look specifically at IP65. So, we can see that it has a high rating for blocking out debris and a solid rating for water resistance.

This is good news. You’ll find that the IP65 variant is a water-resistant offering. It can deal with you trying to insert water onto the actual enclosure, like a splash. However, it’s not waterproof, so don’t go putting it underwater.

So, how does this tie into what you want in your home? Well, the primary focus for an IP65-rated device is definitely the kitchen or the bathroom. Because it can block out debris and is good against moisture, it’s a fit for both environments.

What Makes IP65 Devices Good for Your Home?

When we think about such a valuable and capable device, why does it belong in our homes? What characteristics make it a powerful and straightforward choice?


The good thing about a light fixture that is rated IP65 is how flexible it can be. These types of fixtures can go just about anywhere in the home, giving you plenty of choices. Some people choose to put them into the kitchen, others the bathroom. However, because they’re small and highly adaptable, they fit into most places, which works well for them.

Ceiling Mounted

Generally speaking, the light fixtures we’re talking about are mounted flush with the ceiling. This means that they are nearly invisible when considering the dimensions of the room. Consequently, they have universal applications for decoration purposes. After all, something that doesn’t stick out or stand out can be paired with most themes.

Small Sized

Something that has a small design like a ceiling light is always going to be popular. Interior design often calls for something discrete and small. This is because it has much more potential for decoration when you do not have to factor in big light fixtures. Some of the best stylistic choices out there are the ones that don’t take up much room and often appear quite hidden.

Dust and Moisture Resistant

When it comes to any light fixture, it has to be both dust and moisture resistant. Otherwise, those types of debris will do nothing but damage the light and potentially shut it down. This isn’t the case here.

Thankfully, what we’ve got here is access to something designed to be both dust and moisture resistant. It can handle being exposed to a bit of moisture from a shower in the bathroom or boiling water in the kitchen. It has that level of practicality that makes it such an ideal choice.

Lights like these have many unique applications in the home, leading many people to use them in the kitchen and bathroom. However, it’s also the case that they can fit anywhere. The living room, dining room, bedrooms or even entrance halls are excellent ideas for using them effectively.

So, what’s the secret to their remarkable universality? How does a lightbulb, something so basic and often overlooked, wind up being an effective tool in so many different places? Well, it’s got a lot to do with their shape and size.

Consider for a moment the unique form and shape of the lightbulb. It’s small and circular, highly compact, and doesn’t protrude out much.

That makes it a good choice for interior design in many different homes and situations. If you know something about designing a space, you’ll know that small details let it down. So, things like the plug sockets, the lights and other tiny things ruin the atmosphere. Having a unique offering that will fit into a selection of different locations is absolutely the best choice for success.

Obviously, when it comes to fittings, you’ll want the easiest option. A lot of modern installations these days need a professional hand. It isn’t going to be something you can do by yourself, unfortunately.

The fitting for this specific type of fixture is small in comparison to others. It’s about 46mm in diameter, which isn’t a lot. However, it comes with a kit that contains all you’ll need to make a successful installation.

All you need to do is hook up the fixture to a wiring circuit. That sounds easy enough in theory, but the practice is always different.

There’s a couple of essential things you should probably know about downlights installation. To make sure you stay safe, let’s talk about the basics. First and foremost, before you start touching anything, turn off the power in your home. The last thing you want to do is get an electric shock because your energy is still on.

The lights that Arrow Electrical sells are designed to be installed using just the kit, which is helpful. However, if you have to do any other preparation work, you should be cautious. This type of thing is where a lot of people have significant issues.

When in doubt, your best bet for a successful experience is to call out an electrician. This is especially important if you plan on a mass installation of light fixtures. They’re trained professionals who can ensure you get the best results, so it is well worth listening to them. Use their experience to get things done smoothly.


So, what have we learned about this particular type of IP65-rated light fixture? Well, it’s definitely a popular one, that’s not difficult to work out at all. It’s popular for many different reasons, most of all because it is small in size and flexible.

Generally speaking, the small yet powerful range of light fixtures is becoming even more mainstream these days. People want something that isn’t big and pretentious, like a chandelier, because that gives them more creative freedom. It’s easier to build and design a brand-new room when the light fixtures aren’t letting you down in such a big way.

These light fixtures are also very effective because they are made of LED bulbs. Anybody who knows anything about LED bulbs will understand that they are convenient and built to be energy-efficient. Considering that most people are trying to move towards much greener houses, this is a benefit.

The IP rating proves that the bulb in question is designed to be highly effective. Not only is it resistant to dust, but it’s also resistant to moisture. This makes it a good pick for kitchens and bathrooms, but ultimately, it’s up to you where you put it. There is no wrong choice as such, and it’s more a case of personal preference.

Obviously, if you’re going to try and get anything installed, you need to make sure that you contact a professional. Most people will not be able to wire in a whole new light fixture successfully, and it’s best to leave it to an electrician. Please don’t try and do anything by yourself if you’re not confident. If this is a product you’d like to see more of, then you should check out the offering available.

24th Aug 2021

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