Chic Tiered Spiral Crystal Chandelier in Gold E27

H68-550 GOLD_

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  • Spiral Tiered Crystal Chandelier in Gold Full Body, Interior Lighting, Luxury Chandeliers
  • Spiral Tiered Crystal Chandelier in Gold E27, Close up, Luxury Chandelier
  • Spiral Tiered Crystal Chandelier in Gold E27, Interior Luxury Chandeliers
  • Spiral Tiered Crystal Chandelier in Gold E27, Interior Lighting
  • Spiral Tiered Crystal Chandelier in Gold E27, Crystal Close Up
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Illuminate your space with our Spiral Tiered Stair Chandelier in Gold, a beautiful and efficient light designed to enhance your interior with sleek and contemporary charm. This decorative masterpiece complements professional themes, making it a striking feature for your home or project, leaving guests in awe.

The luxury gold finish not only adds comfort but also a relaxing ambiance to your interior lighting, creating an inviting atmosphere. Ideal for open settings, this chandelier offers versatility, allowing you to choose from our wide range of modern bulbs to mix and match styles according to your preference.

Experience personalized lighting with dimmable capabilities and adjustable light temperature, transitioning from warm white to cool white. Crafted with high-quality materials, this chandelier ensures durability and longevity. The pendant crystal light showcases cutting-edge design, delivering a crystal clear, bright, and dazzling light effect that adds a touch of class to your room.

Dangle this crystal pendant anywhere for an instant injection of glitter and glamour, elevating the aesthetic of your living space. Perfectly suited for various settings including kitchen islands, living rooms, dining areas, farmhouse, restaurants, entryways, bars, workshops, hallways, and more.

Whether your style is classic, modern, contemporary, luxury, transitional, industrial, or rustic vintage, this chandelier creates a romantic ambiance and adds a touch of sophistication to your home. Illuminate your space with the timeless elegance of our Spiral Stair Chandelier in Gold.

E14 ( Not Included)
No. of Bulbs:
1500-1700mm (Adjustable)
Power Source:
Iron, Crystal
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